Members with Unique Individuality
Create the World-view

Free from conventional common sense and frame works, members with unique individuality and ideas have gathered together at “Dōngxī” to transmit a glocal food culture from new point of view from “TOKYO”. The escort runners in the new world
centered around the cuisine created by the chef Tetsuya Sakai are the bartender Takeshi Uzuka and the service manager Jo Hashimoto. The space as a sensuous stage setting was created by the space/product designer, Teruhiro Yanagisawa. Like
drawing a loose circle, Yasuharu Okochi (SOUND CoUTURE) has gathered the threads of glocal sound landscape with a touch of Tokyo. And most of all, we must never forget identifiable domestic producers who support our food life. Itʼs time to
bring the opening of a long-awaited first chapter of “Dōngxī”.

Tetsuya Sakai (Chef)
Sakai gained experience as a French cuisine chef in France, and then has explored Mediterranean cuisine centered around Italy and American cuisines of New York and the West Coast as the Executive Chef of DEAN & DELUCA. His signature nouvelle
method is inspired by tracing the cultures of human interaction through the history of countries.

Takeshi Uzuka (Bartender)
Uzuka polished his skills as a bartender across Tokyo, and then went to New York when he was 30. He had launched the Japanese restaurant “BOHEMIAN NY” in NOHO, New York City and exercised his skills at an array of bars in the city.
“Bacardi® Legacy Cocktail Competition 2013” NYC Representative. His specialty is “craft cocktails” made carefully one by one with various ingredients from fruits, vegetables to herbs and spices, etc.

Jo Hashimoto (Service Manager)
With an interest in food-coordination, Hashimoto joined “UKAI-TEI” known for innovative Teppanyaki in his early 20ʼs and then went through restaurants in Tokyo working with wines of the Old World and the New World. At “Dōngxī”, he is in charge
with services as well as wine selection as the sommelier. “Enriching the mind” is his customer service motto.