Enjoy Authentic Craft Cocktail
Casually with a Park-Mind

“Dōngxī” is a “SAKABA (bar)” besides being a restaurant. The chief bartender is Takeshi Uzuka; he polished his skills at leading bars in New York and had become a representative of “BACARDI® Legacy Cocktail Competition 2013” held in the city.
Having a background as such, Uzuka aspires to create “SAKABA” as a community space where people can relax and enjoy craft cocktails casually. In a lively and relaxing atmosphere like a club, Uzuka serves authentic drinks with delicate taste.
His craft cocktails are filled with classic and vivid impression created from free-mind by mixing fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. A bar in a hotel might have an image of a closed-space, but “SAKABA” is enjoyable with a park-mind. A new night in Shibuya starts from here.