In Between the East and the West

Since ancient times, the East and West have been deeply connected by two land routes across Eurasia and sea routes through the ports of Southeast Asia and India.
Trade routes were referred to as The Silk Road.

Cultures of the East and West evolved naturally, capturing the essence of the West, connecting climate and culture with the food of itʼs respective regions. This combination of culinary culture, rich in individuality, began to flourish in Asia.

When we trace back and identify with such history in modern times, Tokyo is the place where diverse cultures and values mix to emit a new light to these modern times. It might be said that Tokyo is the terminal point of The Silk Road beyond space and time. Thus, the city has presented to the world a way in which food should be prepared and presented.

Dōngxi is our answer to the modern defination of what the culinary culture is on todayʼs Silk Road. Dōngxī is a restaurant & sakaba that offers a creative dining experience. It aims to cross borders and regions and acts as a time axis like the Silk Road and breathe sensitivity of the times “in between” to produce “a cuisine with no name” yet, it polishes ancient wisdom by refined methods and aspires to be free from conventional common sense and frameworks to transmit ʻglocalʼ food culture from Tokyo.

Dōngxī pursues an inexhaustible food adventure along an endless exploration to gather the threads of a new story that defines the tastes and styles of a new Silk Road.