To the East and to the West of the Silk Road;
The culinary adventure to create “TOKYO TAPAS”

To create the menu of “Dōngxī”, the chef Tetsuya Sakai had set out on an
adventurous journey to explore the culinary headwater by traveling the Silk Road
from west to east; to Israel and Iran among desert; to Turkey, the crossover point of the cultures of the East and the West across South Caucasus and West Asia; to the vast plateau of Central Asia in the heart of Eurasia; and to the tropical climate countries of Southeast Asia such as Thailand and Vietnam, etc. While traveling, diversity of food awaited him. Profound imagined landscape of food was the very history and culture of Asia that have been carefully passed on through climate of the earth and people.
By respecting the roots of the countries and regions “in between the East and the West”, we invent cuisine filled with a sense of the season and surprises by using domestic ingredients, herbs and spices, fermented condiments, and at times
applying cooking methods from outside the region. In a way, we revisit the past to discover new things. The journey has inspired the idea to weave innovation into tradition. When the idea was illuminated by Sakaiʼs refined methods of French
cuisine and sensitivity, the basic culinary style of “Dōngxī” emerged. Though, the journey has only begun. By rediscovering Asian food culture and tracing its history, the culinary adventure of “Dōngxī” to create “TOKYO TAPAS” continues.